Research Areas

The main research areas of CPhI are:

  1. Optical properties of semiconductors heterostructures (quantum wells, superlattice, quantum dots, nanowires, photonic crystals)
  2. Innovative photonic and optoelectronic devices and integrated systems (LEDs, lasers, photodetectors, and OEIC)
  3. Energy conversion materials and devices (optical refrigeration, solid state lighting, solar cells, thermophotovoltaics etc.)
  4. Photonic devices and systems for bio-medical applications

Selected Sponsored Research Projects

  1. Fundamental Study of Defect Reduction in Type-II Superlattice Materials (MURI), ARO, PI: Y.-H. Zhang, D. Smith, S. Johnson
  2. Cryogenic Optoelectronic Probe Station for Enhanced Nanophotonics Capability, ARO, PI: C.-Z. Ning
  3. Advanced Microstructural Characterization for Development of Improved HgCdTe Detectors and Devices, ARO, PI: D. Smith
  4. Monolithic integrated ultrahigh efficiency multijunction solar cells for space applications, AFRL, PI: Y.-H. Zhang
  5. Continuously spatial-wavelength-tunable nanowire lasers on a single chip, ARO, PI: C.-Z. Ning
  6. Solar electricity generation using ultra-high efficiency multijunction cells, SFAz, PI: Y.-H. Zhang
  7. Collaborative Research: Materials World Network: III-V Bismide Materials for IR and Mid IR Semiconductors, NSF, PI: S. Johnson, Y.-H. Zhang
  8. Multicolor (UV-IR) photodetectors based on lattice matched 6.1 A II/IV and III/V semiconductors, AFOSR, PI: Y.-H. Zhang
  9. Semiconductor Green Lasers, DARPA, PI: F. Ponce
  10. Modeling of Quantum Dot Photodetectors, NSF, PI: D. Vasileska
  11. Nanoscale Architectures for Coherent Hyper-Optical Sources (NACHOS), DARPA, PI: C.-Z. Ning